Is it haram to choose not to have children?

The blessings and responsibility of having children are seen Islamically as one of the objectives of marriage and a praiseworthy form of worship as one seeks to facilitate tarbiya for […]

Can women visit the dead at a cemetery?

This issue is divisive because, overseas scholars in a particular country tend to overwhelmingly adopt one position or another, so people may imagine it is the only valid opinion. Due […]

Can the dead hear us?

The scholars disagree on whether or not the dead hear the talk of the living people. Some believe they do, while others believe the dead do not hear the living.What […]

Can a woman pray after a miscarriage?

If the fetus has clear human features, then her bleeding after that is regarded as postpartum bleeding, so she should stop praying and fasting, and her husband should avoid her […]

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