An-Noor Quran Academy: Assistant Hifdh Teacher

An-Noor Quran Academy is looking for motivated and dedicated assistant Hifdh teachers.

The candidate must have at least 15 juzz memorized with proper Tajweed and strong Hifdh. Interested candidates, please email resume to [email protected]

Job Description & Requirements

  • Assist the main Hifdh teacher to teach Quran with proper Tajweed & Makharij
  • Assist with preparing student plan for new, nearest and old on a daily basis according to the student’s potential
  • Assist the main Hifdh teacher to update the daily Hifdh tracking sheet and homework
  • Provide tutoring to students during school hours as needed
  • Perform administrative duties such as monitor students during breaks and lunch duties
  • Follow guidance from the main Hifdh teacher to listen to students in a one on one and in group setting
  • Follow guidelines from Hifdh Administrator for standardized testing and grading criteria
  • Participate in staff meetings and school events
  • Lead by example: Always maintain good behavior when interacting with students and inculcate good morals, etiquette, kindness and mutual respect.
  • Follow the Islamic Studies curriculum provided by the school
  • Punctuality is a must

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