Al Furqan School

Islamic Sunday School

Rules and Procedures

Daily Schedule:

Al-Furqan School starts at 9:45 AM and ends at 1:20 PM. Punctuality is important. Please make sure your child arrives on time and stays until dismissal. As part of the curriculum students are required to stay for Dhuhr prayer.

Tardy Policy:

A tardy slip is issued to the students who arrive after 10 AM. A warning is given to the students who are tardy for more than three times without any excuse.

School Uniform:

Al-Furqan School dress code is designed to encourage islamic modesty. Please make sure your child is dressed up in Al-Furqan School unifrm shirt provided by the school.

Attendance Policy:

Students are expected to attend school every Sunday. If your child is absent from school please send a note upon return or email to Al-Furqan School at [email protected]. Please be sure to include name, grade, date of absence and reason. The reason for absence is required for consideration as excused absence.
The school sends alert emails to the parents after three or more unexcused absences. Then committee may decide to cancel registeration to give chance to the students who are waitlisted.

Student Pick Up from Al-Furqan School

Student safety is one of the primary concerns of the Al-Furqan School. We would like all the parents who are coming to pick up their children to follow the following policy.
School dismissal time is 1:20pm (Spring Schedule) and 12.50pm (Fall Schedule) so please be there by that time.
Kg-2nd Grade Parents: Our students of Grades KG-2nd Grade remain in their classes until their parents come to pick them up.
Please wait in the lobby until the bell rings, and then pick up the children from their classrooms.
3rd and 4th Grade Parents: 3rd and 4th Grade students will proceed to the Musallah upon dismissal. Plan to be in Musallah by that time. Please be in charge of your children after 1:20pm as all students should be in appropriate supervision all the time. Praying Duhar prayer after school is required as a part of the curriculum so please plan to pray with your children. We will appreciate your cooperation.

Early Student Pickup:

If you are planning to pick up your child before the school dismissal time at 1:20 pm, please go to the office to sign out your child. If you are planning to pick up your child during lunch break between 12.00 pm and 12.30 pm you need to inform school by sending a written note. We will keep your child ready in the office at old or new building wherever children are located.
Please do not pick up your child directly from gym or play ground during lunch break without signing them out from the office. This would help prevent unsafe practice of taking one’s child without informing the concerned personnel. We will appreciate your cooperation!

Food Sharing at Al-Furqan School

Al-Furqan School has a very careful policy about any food sharing with Al-Furqan students. There are students at Al-Furqan School who are either allergic or sensitive to certain foods therefore we don’t allow parents, teachers, or anybody else to share any food with our students without permission from the office.

Al-Furqan School committee will appreciate your cooperation in respecting our policies.

Carpool Instructions and Student Safety:

Please follow the directions given by our security personnel while driving through the campus.

  • Traffic in the school campus is one way only. Traffic should enter from Gate 1 on Atwater Street and exit from Gate 3 which is at the far end on Ligon Street. Please do not use Gate 2 (middle gate) for entry or exit.
  • Please make sure that children drop off from right hand side.
  • To avoid the risk involved with street traffic, children should only be dropped off inside the school campus in front of the main building. Children should never be dropped off in the street.
  • Please do not move the cones to park or enter into reserved areas. Loading unloading is not permissible in the handicapped and reserved parking areas as it leads to traffic jam by Gate 1.
  • Please do not interrupt the traffic flow within the school campus. Once you have dropped off your children keep moving but do not attempt to cut ahead of the vehicle in front of you. Please wait until the vehicle ahead of you begins to move.
  • Speed limit is 15 mph inside campus during school hours. Please be extra cautious while driving through the parking lots as children and parents are walking through.

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