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Islamic Sunday School

About our school

Al-Furqan School is a weekend Islamic School that has been serving the Muslim community in the Triangle area since 1986. The school offers classes for students from K – 12th Grade. Currently there are over 400 students enrolled in the Al-Furqan School. The school is run solely by volunteers who serve as teachers and administrators to seek Allah’s pleasure.

Our goal at Al-Furqan School is to educate Muslim youth about the teachings of Islam so that they can thrive in non-Islamic world and lead lives according to Islamic principles. The administrators and teachers at Al-Furqan School are dedicated to working collaboratively to implement instructional program that adhere to the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah.

Parents play a vital role in the success of Al-Furqan School. Throughout the year there are many opportunities for parents to be actively involved. We strongly encourage parents to become involved by volunteering at the school.

It is the duty of all of us, as parents, to provide our children with an Islamic education.

Al-Furqan School has a long tradition of educating Muslim youth in light of the Quran and the Sunnah and preparing them for life’s challenges. Al-Furqan’s history began several years ago when Brother Mohammad Naeem moved to the Research Triangle Park (RTP) area in 1981 from Rochester, Minnesota. Brother Mohammad Naeem was deeply committed to the Islamic education of Muslim Youth. His father, Brother Muhammad Abdul Ghani, had always emphasized on the education (religious and non-religious) and the Tarbiah of children. He believed that our children are our assets and that it is this asset, which would be beneficial in this world and also in the life hereafter, while any other assets are left behind in this world at the time of death. Brother Naeem remembered his father’s lesson about the education and the Tarbiah of the children very well and he fully believed in it. In 1985, after his move, he realized that children’s Islamic education was completely missing from the region. He decided to establish a school focusing on educating Muslim youth. Due to lack of resources, he initially took this challenge upon himself and started teaching children on Sundays at his home. At this time there were no curriculum books available in the market for this purpose. To establish structure and methodology to his teaching sessions, he prepared the course material by himself and started teaching. He further continued his dedicated service to this community by picking up students from their homes, teaching them, and dropping them off to their homes afterwards. Br. Muhammad Naeem continued this service until 1986. Later in 1986, Sheikh Baianonie suggested Brother Naeem to move the school into the mosque. It was a great suggestion for the betterment of the children and also to help Brother Naeem. With help of Allah SWT, many brothers and sisters developed interest in participating and enrolling students. It is with the support provided by so many brothers and sisters within the Muslim community that Al-Furqan School prospered into one of the leading Kindergarten through 12th grade Islamic School in RTP. Now over 400 students are getting Islamic education at Al-Furqan School. Br. Muhammad Naeem’s legacy of dedicated community service continues today in the form of Al-Furqan School. May Allah reward Brother Naeem and his father, Brother Mohammad Ghani for their initiative and increase their levels in Jannah, Insha-Allah.


The mission of Al-Furqan School is to provide an Islamic education and teach Islamic concepts, in light of the Quran and the Sunnah, to our children in a pleasant and receptive manner with the goal of preparing them to conduct themselves as Muslims living in a non-Islamic environment. Al-Furqan School strives to achieve this goal by providing: – Classes in Islamic Studies, Quran memorization and recitation. – An Islamic environment for socialization. – An opportunity to offer Salah (prayer) in Jamaat (congregation). Through such a program, Al-Furqan School aims to instill Islamic behavior and manners in our youth, to teach students the basics of Islam, and to help children become proud, practicing Muslims, Insha’Allah. Our Vision Through such a program, Al-Furqan School aims to instill Islamic behavior and manners in our youth, to teach students the basics of Islam, and to help children become proud, practicing Muslims, Insha’Allah. The key elements of our vision include:

  • Commitment to provide a rich and appropriately challenging curriculum taught by knowledgeable faculty
  • Teach them to respect diversity and be inclusive in which all persons feel embraced and valued.
  • Promote learning environment conducive to Islamic principles by example that cultivates mutual respect, personal responsibility, ethical and moral sense amongst student body.

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Al Furqan has several programs for the students in order to convey well rounded Islamic teachings. Examples include the 3rd Grade Salah Program, the Quran Recitation Program, the Hajj demonstration, and many more. We also have programs for the parents to stay involved and learn in different ways. 

The school committee is the decision-making entity of the school. The staff is critical to the smooth operation of the school program. The team may, at times, contribute on an individual basis as well as in group efforts and projects. It is comprised of the following positions:


The Chair is responsible for the school program in its entirety. The Chair is responsible for the monitoring of all school personnel. The Chair represents the school at IAR Executive Committee Meetings.
Sr. Shahmeem Rajak – [email protected]

Vice Chairperson:

The Vice Chairperson assists the Chair with the school program. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair is responsible to perform the duties of the Chair. The Vice Chair also performs other duties as assigned by the Chair or the Committee.
Br. Muhammmad [email protected]


The Director is responsible for student discipline, as well as the coordination of school functions and organization of the lunch process.
Br. Greg Walton – [email protected]

Department Head(s):

The Department Head (HOD) is responsible for the overall operation of the school program, teaching staff, student disciplinary issues, and oversees the school curriculum program. The HOD is the primary contact person for teachers, parents, and students.

Sr. Nuserat Sayyad – [email protected] (Middle/High)

Sr. Amena Haleem – [email protected] (Middle/High)

Sr. Arita – [email protected] (Middle/High)

Sr. Zeba Farooqui – [email protected] (Elementary)

Sr. Haleema Agha – [email protected] (Elementary)


  • Distributing roster folders to classrooms and bringing them back.
  • Marking attendance in online forms.
  • Giving students count to lunch servers.
  • Making notes of Administration meetings.

Sr. Halen Awan [email protected] 
Sr. Sumaiya Rahman – [email protected]

Office Manager(s): 

The Office Managers are in charge of the daily operations of running the office. They are the contact person for the school. They assist and direct incoming parents, staff, and students. They also maintain school and office supplies, inventory of textbooks, maintain Al Furqan School bulletin boards and message boards, and maintain school files.


Sr. Arita – [email protected]

Sr. Nuserat Sayyad – [email protected]

Sr. Amena Haleem – [email protected]


Sr. Anjum Khan – [email protected] 

Sr.Sumaiya Rahman – [email protected]

Communications Manager: 

The Communications Manager is responsible for all school communication and the necessary components of being in charge of this area, such as maintaining the email account, email addresses, posting “news” items on the website, and any written document preparation.

Records Manager: The Records Manager is in charge of managing the database, maintaining all school records, running and managing the rosters, and running all needed reports. The Treasurer is responsible for monitoring and recording school finances.

Registration Manager: The Registration Manager will be responsible for running the registration program for the school.

Sr. Imrana Imam – [email protected]

PSG Lead(s): The PSG Leads are the liaison between the parents and the school committee. The PSG assists the school in the running of its school programs, registration, building security, attendance, and school events.

Events Coordinator: Saima Chaudhry – [email protected]

Media Manager: The Media Manager is responsible for available media to be used during classroom and special programs. 

Br. Greg Walton – [email protected]

Br. Mohammmad [email protected]

Support Staff:

  • Making sure students who arrive late get  a tardy slip.
  • Responsible for hallway monitoring.
  • Playground monitoring.
  • Assisting office managers if any help is needed.

Heidi Shabarek: [email protected]

Bushra Qureshi: [email protected]

Faiza Ali: [email protected]

Saciida Mohamed Nur : [email protected]


We are delighted to highlight the amazing work of our community in this impact report.