Ramadan 2017 / 1438h

IAR congratulates you on Ramadan fasting starting Saturday, May 27 and taraweeh prayers beginning Friday, May 26 at 10pm insha'Allah.

Official AMJA Announcement


Get more from each night's recitation by watching Secrets of a Surah, Amazed by an Ayah, and reading Maududi's Chapter Introductions to the Quran

Ramadan Program
Prayer Iqama Times Fajr Isha Taraweeh
All of Ramadan 4:40 AM 10:00 PM 10:20 PM
  • Evening Taraweeh Prayers
    • First 8 raka'at & Witr led by Shaykh Mohamed Enani and Shaykh Hafez Anees
    • Last 12 raka'at & Witr led by guest reciters and young huffadh (An-Noor students)
  • Prophetic Prayers: Reflections on Duaa of the Quran
    • Daily short talk (khatera) after 4 raka'at taraweeh with Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb
  • Surat al-Kahf: Faith, Riches, Genius, and Power
    • Saturday, June 17th: From 1:30 to 5:30PM, Ramadan Qur'an Retreat for the whole family with Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb & Imam Muamar Dahnoun
  • Ask the Imams
    • An imam will be available in the lobby every night to answer your Islamic questions after the first Witr of taraweeh prayers
  • Quran Recitation Halaqa
    • Monday-Friday after Fajr led by Shaykh Enani
  • Short Lectures after Fajr
    • Everyday led by Imam Muamar Dahnoun and guest speakers
  • Qiyam (Night Prayers)
    • Last 10 nights led by Shaykh Enani, Shaykh Anees, and guest reciters
    • Itikhaf participants must register with the Safety and Security office for guidelines
  • Ramadan Fundraising will take place during all Friday prayer shifts on June 9th and will continue at night after 4 raka'hs of Taraawih
  • Khatm-ul-Qur'an on 29th night of Ramadan