Virtual Programs:
Journey of the Soul: Friday Reminder

It is hard to work for the Hereafter when we are so distracted by life. What happens when we die? Why is Heaven worth striving for? Why is Hell worth avoiding at all costs? Join us on Fridays — to find out!

Audience: High School & Above

Timing: Fridays at 5 PM until April 2


Contact: [email protected]

How To Be a Man

Is a man his popularity? His money? His physique? What makes a man? Join us for a new series that does not just describe what a real man is, but shows how to be one based on Prophetic Guidance.

Audience: High School Brothers & Above

Timing: The 3rd Saturday of Every Month at 9:45 PM (starts Feb 20)


Contact: [email protected]

Brothers’ High School Halaqah

This Halaqah is an opportunity for high school brothers to connect with youth, mentors, and participate in spiritually-uplifting discussions guided by Imam Muamar Dahnoun. Weekly registration is required. Strict safety protocols will be enforced. Masks must be worn and prayer rugs are required for Ishaa’ prayer (7:30 pm).

Audience: High School Brothers & Above

Timing: Saturdays at 7:30 PM

Registration Required Every Week

Contact: [email protected] & Ahmad Haddad – [email protected]

Elementary & Middle School Boys Saturday Program

Audience: Elementary & Middle School Boys

Timing: Saturdays at 2 PM

Registration & Contact: Mahen Khan – [email protected]

Girls Saturday Program

Visit the program page for up to date information and registration.

Audience: Elementary, Middle, & High School Sisters

Contact: Sr. Farrah Khan – [email protected]

Sisters’ High School Halaqah

Audience: High School Sisters

Timing: Fridays at 8 PM

Registration & Contact: Radwa Behairy – [email protected]

YASEER – Youth Volunteerism

Visit to learn all about this unique opportunity for youth to serve their community.

Audience: High Schoolers


Contact: [email protected]

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