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is it haram to enter competitions to win money?

entering a competition to win money or any gift is NOT Haram in Islam as long as you are not part of purchasing the gift or the reward that will...
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I have been told by various people that working in grocery stores is haram because of the cigarettes and alcohol sold. Is this true?

please find the verdict on selling Alcohol issued by AMJA(Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America) Working at a grocery stores is Halal and allowed. What Muslims Iknow do is...
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is it permissible to work in a pharmacy, even though it may sell alcoholic/tobacco products? What are some examples permissible halal jobs, or which the money earned is halal?

Working at a pharmacy is Halal and allowed. What Muslims Iknow do is that they kind of have a mutual agreement with their supervisors to ask a non Muslim co...
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