The following guidelines must be followed by all IAR Social & Welfare Committee (SW-C) volunteers.

  1. All volunteers must complete and submit an IAR Social & Welfare Sign-up Form which must be approved by the Social & Welfare Committee Chairperson or Designee. Junior volunteers (under the age of 18 years) must additionally have approval from their parents by signature on the Volunteer Sign-up Form to become a Junior Volunteer at IAR SW-C. The lower age limit to become a Junior Volunteer with SW-C is 15 years or attending high school if not reached 15th birthday. No volunteer can start work with SW-C until an initiation interview and orientation is conducted by the Social & Welfare Committee Chairperson or Designee.
  2. All volunteers will be provided a SW-C Volunteer Badge. This badge is required to be worn when volunteers are on the job.
  3. All volunteers must maintain strict confidentiality; Social & Welfare matters should not be discussed outside of the SW-C committee. This includes all information on donors, recipients ofdonations, and other fellow volunteers.
  4. Without exception, any expenditure incurred by volunteers on behalf of SW-C first needs to be approved by the SW-C Chairperson. A valid receipt will be required to get reimbursement of funds. The SW-C will reimburse appropriate gasoline costs for tasks that require the use of a personal vehicle to conduct SW-C business.
  5. Volunteers must dress appropriately and modestly at all times. Wearing extremely loose clothing or dangling jewelry which may get caught in other items should be avoided as this could potentially hinder in conducting assigned work and can also pose safety hazard to self or other coworkers. For example, tasks which require moving items or filling boxes and grocery bags.
  6. Any pre-existing medical conditions that would restrict a person from performing any physical activities must be reported.
  7. All volunteers must use correct lifting techniques at all times. No one should attempt to lift over 50 pounds without assistance.
  8. All volunteers must use proper protective gear provided for various jobs, such as goggles and gloves.
  9. All volunteers must ensure not to block emergency exits, fire extinguishers, or any equipment requiring immediate access. In case of a fire or fire drill, immediately stop what you are doing and proceed to the nearest fire exit.
  10. There must be no cell phone usage while driving for work associated with SW-C. If you have to use your cell phone for emergencies you must stop to the side.
  11. Volunteers must report all accidents and injuries or unsafe conditions or practices to their supervisor.

Failure to follow these rules could result in serious injury and/or termination from the Volunteer Services Program. IAR, IAR SW-C, or any IAR worker/ volunteer or associate does not bear any responsibility or liability for any injuries that may result while carrying out assignments at IAR premises, or at locations where the volunteer work is being performed.

Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities


Lead Volunteers:

  • Each Lead Volunteer will report to the Chairperson of the Social & Welfare Committee. The lead will have responsibility for coordinating all activities associated with their sub-committee.
  • It will be their responsibility to ensure and enforce the “Volunteer Guidelines and Safety Rules” as well as any other applicable IAR & SW-C rules, policies, and guidelines that apply.
  • The Lead volunteer will identify volunteer staff needed within his/her sub-committee, establish schedules and tasks for each volunteer, and only assigned volunteers must work on the assigned dates and times. More volunteers than needed can also present a hazard.
  • The Lead Volunteer will identify his/her designate for any specific tasks.
  • The Lead Volunteer is the first level to sign-off on expenditures incurred by volunteers in his/her group prior to submission to the Chairperson for final approval (note: all expenditures first need pre-approval /authorization from the SW-C Chairperson
  • The Lead Volunteer will attend meetings called by the SW-C Chairperson and provide update and feedback on the work being performed and any issues and resolutions that require attention


  • Each volunteer will be assigned an IAR lead.
  • Each volunteer is expected / mandated to read and follow all the “Volunteer Guidelines and Safety Rules”.
  • A work schedule will be mutually agreed upon between the volunteer and the Lead.
  • Volunteers are expected to be flexible and responsive to changes in the scope of their duties.
  • They are expected to demonstrate professional work habits including but not limited to being on time, and following IAR rules and policies.
  • If, for any unforeseen reason any volunteer cannot make his/her schedule they must inform the Lead in time so that alternate arrangements can be made.
  • Volunteers should exhibit a positive attitude in relation with donors and fellow staff, and work as a team member with the entire staff on all activities.
  • Volunteers will maintain “confidentiality” regarding their work at IAR SW-C, the donors, and the recipients of donations. No issues should be discussed outside of SW-C.
  • As required Volunteers may be requested to attend meetings called by the SW-C Chairperson.

Junior Volunteers (15 Years or attending High School to under the age of eighteen years):

  • Junior volunteers must be assigned specific tasks by the Volunteer or the Lead Volunteer.
  • Each Junior Volunteer is expected / mandated to read and follow all the “Volunteer Guidelines and Safety Rules”.
  • A Junior Volunteer must be supervised by an adult volunteer at all times.
  • Task assignments, specifically those of lifting should reflect the physical capability of the junior individual.
  • All Junior Volunteers must be informed that they should ask for help when a task is difficult for them to accomplish.
  • Junior Volunteers will maintain “confidentiality” regarding their work at IAR SW-C, the donors, and the recipients of donations. No issues should be discussed outside of SW-C.

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