Guidelines for Donations

The IAR Social & Welfare Committee is pleased to accept donations of goods that would help needy people in the community but are unable to afford them.

Please donate items that are in good working condition since we do not have the facility or resources to repair items. The donated items are offered to the needy people as is. It is therefore expected that when recipients take the items home they would be functional.

How to donate?

If you would like to make a donation please send an email to [email protected] along with your contact information (name, email address & phone number) and a list of the items you wish to donate.

Alternatively please call the Social & Welfare at 919-834-9572 ext 1338 and leave a message. A Social Welfare Committee member will call you back.

A member of the Social & Welfare Committee will get in touch with you to ensure that all items are in accordance with the guidelines below. We will coordinate the delivery / donation of the donated items.

What can you donate?

The goods that Social & Welfare Committee is willing to accept are listed below:

  • House-wares — dishes, kitchen utensils, lamps, etc
  • Small appliances – microwave, vacuum cleaners, etc
  • Large appliances in working condition – refrigerators, stoves, washers/dryers, etc
  • Furniture — dressers, tables, bed frames and sofas
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Television, antenna and digital converter in working condition
  • Domestics — curtains, linen, bedspreads, blankets, etc
  • Sporting goods, Bicycles
  • Books and School supplies
  • Hardware and tools

Furniture and appliances should be in good working condition since we do not have the facility to repair or refurbish any item.

Please test all electronic items (TV, Microwave oven, etc) are in good working condition.

Please include all parts of a donation in separate box and ensure that all parts are there for the item to work.

What items are not accepted as donations?

We cannot accept the following items as donations:

  • Clothing or Footwear
  • Furniture in need of repair – soiled, torn, missing pieces, etc.
  • Large appliances in need of repair – refrigerators, stoves, washers/dryers, etc
  • Automobiles and automobile parts of any kind – tires, rims, hubcaps, batteries, etc
  • Windows, screens, shutters, doors
  • Scrap lumber, concrete, bricks, stones
  • Bathroom/kitchen fixtures – sinks, bathtubs, toilets, etc
  • Paint, household chemicals, insecticides, etc

Check before you donate

If you are unsure of the items, please call the IAR Social & Welfare number 919-834-9572 ext 1338 to confirm.

Please check your items before donating to make sure all are items you want to give to charity as the chances of retrieving any donations given by accident are very small.

In general, it is requested that donor transport the goods. However, in case of large items such as furniture or appliances such as washer / dryer, we may be able to help arrange for the items to be picked-up.

Please call the Social & Welfare number 919-834-9572 ext 1338 to coordinate the move and delivery.

Donations are tax deductible

Your donations to IAR Social & Welfare Committee are tax deductible. We will give you a receipt which lists items that you have donated.

Valuations of these donations are not done by IAR Social & Welfare Committee and need to be done in accordance with the IRS guidelines.

We are delighted to highlight the amazing work of our community in this impact report.