Learning and Improving our Salah

The Excellence of Salah

Allah the Exalted says what can be translated as,

Verily, As-Salat (prayer) prevents from Al-Fahsha (great sins) and Al-Munkar (evil and wicked deeds).” (Qur’an, 29:45)

The Prophet Muhummad, peace be upon him, once asked his companions, “Tell me, if there were a stream at the door of one of you in which he takes a bath five times a day, would any filth remain upon his body?” They replied, “No dirt would remain.”  He (pbuh) said, “Similar is the case of the five (obligatory) Salats (prayers). Allah obliterates all sins as a result of offering them.” [Reported by Imam Bukhari and Muslim]

We ask Allah the Exalted to make us among the people who perform their prayers on time, accept it from us, and grant us a great reward in this life and the Hereafter.  Ameen.

As one of the five Pillars of Islam, salah is an important, daily obligation of Muslims. It is a privilege given to us by Allah SWT to bring us closer to Allah SWT and to our deen. Learning and perfecting our salah is a lifelong journey. This page brings together a variety of resources available to help you in this pursuit. Start with the short guide on How to Perform Salah or see the extensive guidebooks below for more information. 


How do I pray?

This comprehensive ebook is a step-by-step guide to all of the aspects of performing the salah.

How to make Wudu

This comprehensive ebook is a guide to the ablution required for salah.

Taharah Purification

A comprehensive guide to the Fiqh ruling regarding Tahara or Purfication.

Islamic Rules of Jumu'ah

A comprehensive understanding of the rules of attending Friday Jumu'ah Prayer.

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Fiqh Database

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