This form is for families attending the 2023 Summer Retreat. Please disregard if you received this form by mistake. These extra activities come at no additional cost to you, and are on top of the amenities of the venue. Read through the activities below and sign each member of your family up for an eligible activity.  

Activity Options:

Activity #1: Low Ropes Team Development Course – a series of challenges that the kids will work though together in smaller groups of 10 – 12. Solve mental and physical problems using slightly-elevated cables, platforms, ropes and wooden beams. Ages: Middle School – Adult

Activity #2:  Odyssey high linear ropes course – groups of 4 go up together and work together to get across two levels of it before zip lining off Alpine Tower or Carolina Climbing Wall, which are both challenge by choice activities – more of a personal challenge where you can climb as high as you are comfortable with and try different routes. Fifty-foot tower with over nine challenging ascent routes. Fifty-foot vertical climbing wall offering six access routes over varying angles. Ages: 4 – Adult

Activity #3: Archery – Participate in basic shooting and scoring techniques on our woodland or open field ranges. Ages: Elementary – Adult

Or, choose “No Activity”


Hike #1 High Windy Hike – 5 mile round trip to a great view of the mountain. Embark on an intensive three-mile trail to the summit of our mountain that overlooks spectacular views of the Swannanoa Valley and the Great Craggies.

Hike #2 – Shorter version of the High Windy Hike

Or, choose “No Hike”

Use the form below to make your selections. Enter the activity or hike number in the appropriate fields. Press the plus + button to add another slot for a family member. Thank you!

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Activity Selection
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