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A Night of Miracles:

Past, Present, and Future…

Join Shaykh Suleiman Hani for an evening of exploration into the promises of Allah in the Quran, about the reality of this world, what awaits you in the next, and finding a new sense of conviction and confidence in Allah’s plan for you.

Quranic prophecies, proofs of Islam, and lessons in tawakkul, all introduced in one unforgettable evening.

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Find The Strength And Resolve To Face Life’s Tests With Faith

Life is full of tests,

oppression, prejudice, economic crises are all around us,

And if we’re not careful these tests can lead to spiritual burnout and doubt,

How do you avoid that?

By going back to the source, understanding what Allah has promised, to those before us, and you,

So that when calamity hits, you’ll be prepared to face it with confidence and conviction in Allah’s plan.

This Ilmnight explores verses and passages in the Quran related to divine promises,

From historic events, to trials, to rewards in this life and the next.

All to give you a newfound strength in your belief and trust in Allah, His word, His promises.

Topics we cover include…

And more!

Meet your Instructor

Shaykh Suleiman is the Director of Academic Affairs at AlMaghrib Institute and one of our most active instructors.

Coming from an active family in the Michigan Muslim community, Shaykh Suleiman showed academic promise from a young age,

Completing a 10-month Quran memorization program at the age of 14, and has since earned dozens of traditional ijazat under numerous scholars.

With his extensive background in the Quranic sciences, as well as a deep understanding of contemporary social issues, Shaykh Suleiman combines his academic passions and experiences in this unique learning experience.



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