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Legacy: Dream About the Future

We reach IAR’s 36th anniversary at a critical moment in time. Our dedicated staff, volunteers, leaders and community have weathered a once in a lifetime pandemic with incredible resolve and strength.

As we look to the next 36 years of growth, we count on our generous community to continue building leaders of the future, in spaces of the future!

The Islamic Association of Raleigh touches our community from cradle to grave, with uniquely tailored offerings for each and every age. As our offerings and community grows it is vital we have spaces to accommodate this growth.

Dinner is included. Additionally, all guests will receive a thank you bag with a COVID-19 safety kit and individually wrapped snacks! For social distancing, masks are required and individual tickets will be at 6 person tables – if purchasing a table, there are 8 chairs.

From the Cradle

To celebrate the youngest members of our community and their aqeeqa, we are renovating our gym into a true multipurpose hall to support.

We are actively working to improve our gym through new soundproofing and sound system projects.

Gym Improvements

Educating our Youth

Our schools, Al Iman and An Noor, continue to grow despite the pandemic with a record 380 student enrollment.

To continue supporting high quality tarbiyah your masjid is expanding into a 33,000 sqft educational center of future at 3104 Page Rd.

IAR @ Page Road

A Home for Young Adults

The pandemic highlighted the need for a sheltered outdoor space to support halaqas and Friday Night Programs.

The canopy project will provide much needed outdoor gathering and seating for our community.

Canopy Project

An Elegant Wedding Venue

"And of everything, we have created pairs that you may be mindful." - Surah Adh-Dhariyat

As our Imams facilitate more marriages in our community, families look for convenient and beautiful venues to celebrate this union. A redeveloped and reimagined multipurpose hall at IAR will be limited only by your creativity.

Gym Improvements

A Space to Gather

Al Maidah kitchen continues to serves some of the most delicious ethnic food in our community. 

We seek to increase the accessibility for guests and add new equipment to increase the number of dining options. With your thoughts and recommendations, we can explore an IAR coffeeshop.

IAR Cafe Improvements

To Grave

We make sincere duaa to be reunited in jannah and be close to loved ones in this dunya. Our cemetery is nearing maximum capacity and must expand to accommodate our community. Alhamduliah we have the space to expand, but require a capital infusion to clear trees and create an elegant final resting place.


Waqf: Sadaqa Jariah

Ibn Umar reported, Umar Ibn Al-Khattab got land in Khaybar, so he came to the prophet Muhammad and asked him to advise him about it. The Prophet said, 'If you like, make the property inalienable and give the profit from it to charity.'" It goes on to say that Umar gave it away as alms, that the land itself would not be sold, inherited or donated. He gave it away for the poor, the relatives, the slaves, the jihad, the travelers and the guests. And it will not be held against him who administers it if he consumes some of its yield in an appropriate manner or feeds a friend who does not enrich himself by means of it.

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We are delighted to highlight the amazing work of our community in this impact report.