IAR Open House 2023: Invite Your Non-Muslim Friends and Family!


  • Follow the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and every Prophet before him by calling others to Allah.
  • Bring peace, purity, and tranquility to your loved ones by introducing them to the message of Islam
  • The Prophet (pbuh) said: “By Allah, if a single person is guided by Allah through you, it will be better for you than a herd of expensive red camels.” Bukhari 2847.
  • Be part of the change we wish to see in our Ummah
  • Earn the reward of any good deeds completed by those you helped guide


  1. Reach out to your friends, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, or family
  2. Initiate a conversation about Islam. Reference that you are Muslim and ask what they know about Islam.
  3. Ask if they’re interested in learning more about Islam. Inform them about the IAR Open House as an opportunity to do so. 
  4. Kindly invite them to attend