The impact of an incredible community.

Mark your calendars for an inspiring and impactful weekend at Your Masjid! Join us for the first Community Impact Weekend filled with connection, empowerment, and service.

IAR Impact Gala

Our first ever Impact Weekend is built on the incredible support from our community, please join us for our Impact Gala GBM/ Fundraiser on Saturday, December 16th @ 6:00PM.

Join us for a transformative Community Impact Weekend filled with connection, empowerment, and service. Friday focuses on “Building Bridges” with powerful Khutbahs, exploring unity and shared values, and a vibrant youth program. Saturday features a combined General Body Meeting and Fundraiser, introducing the “5 Pillars 500 Providers” monthly giving plan. Sunday is “A Day of Giving Back,” dedicated to high school and college attendees, with a Volunteer Day making a tangible impact. Your participation goes beyond the weekend – it’s a call to action, a celebration of strength, and a commitment to a more connected community. Let’s make a lasting impact together!

Friday Night: Special Family Night | Saturday Afternoon: Day of Service | Saturday Afternoon: General Body Meeting | Saturday Evening: Impact Gala | Sunday Evening: Young Professional Bonfire

Volunteer for this Amazing Weekend

Volunteer and make a difference by serving our community. Sign up now for a meaningful experience that strengthens our unity and builds a brighter future together! Register by December 8th for a free t-shirt!

Reflecting on a Year of Community Growth, Empowerment, and Service

2022-2023 Impact Report

The foundation for this weekend stems from our Annual Impact Report and General Body Meeting where we reflect on the growth of our masjid over the past year and invite the community to review the financial health of our masjid.
Saturday, December 16th @ 6:30 PM
IAR Musallah

Friday, December 15th

Special Friday Night

Join us for a Special Friday Night featuring extra treats and special features for our children to enjoy! Come out for popcorn, cotton candy, face painting, funnel cakes, and more!


Saturday, December 16th

Impact Gala

A special day of Knowledge, Connection, and Commitment at Your Masjid! Attend our Combined General Body Meeting and Fundraiser, where you can discover the current state of Your Masjid. Enjoy the convenience of Free Babysitting while we introduce the "5 Pillars 500 Providers" monthly giving plan. It's an opportunity to engage in sustaining our community and shaping its future. Don't miss out on this day of unity and commitment – see you there!

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Saturday, December 16th

Day of Impact

Get ready for an exhilarating Saturday – a Day of Giving Back tailored for high school and college attendees! Dive into a Volunteer Day dedicated to making a real impact as we beautify our space, support local initiatives, and extend a helping hand to those in need. It's a day of action, connection, and warmth – let's make a difference together!


Why Donate to IAR?

well established

Support a community established over 38 years ago, and driven by a strategic plan for the next 38.

diverse community

Over 100 countries are represented within IAR with several female leaders.

Educating the future

IAR's Al Iman and An Noor schools deliver award winning education centered around our Islamic perspectives

Youth Muslim identity

RISE delivers college and young professional focused programming with over 500 attendees at monthly programs.

large congregation

Our weekly attendance is over 3,000 members with 12,000 at our Eid prayers.

extensive programming

Over the past year, we've hosted over 185 programs for all ages!

Giving Back

IAR has distributed millions of dollars worth of financial aid and has a robust social welfare program.

Accessibility Focused

As the first MUHSEN certified masjid in NC, we're committed to an inclusive environment for all community members.

Serving the Community

We provide more than a dozen services including marriage, counseling, Janazah, and more.

Expanding our reach

We stream many programs a week to lower the barrier for connecting with your masjid

Spreading Awareness

Our Outreach staff and volunteers interface with new and prospective Muslims, conduct tours, and hold our open house.


Your masjid is powered by hundreds of volunteers guided by our professional staff.

We are delighted to highlight the amazing work of our community in this impact report.