IAR Kitchen Part-time Assistant Manager

The assistant manager is in charge of making sure that everything runs smoothly at the IAR
Kitchen. He/she will be responsible for selecting, developing, and managing employees as well
as overseeing inventory ordering processes to create maximum profit margins on every dish
served. The assistant manager provides support in the leadership and direction to the kitchen
staff. Supervising the development of new menu items and monitoring the quality of service
provided to clients.

• Ensuring the kitchen has all recipes recorded.
• Ordering kitchen supplies and ingredients based on the menu
• Supervising food preparation in the kitchen and ensuring that customers are satisfied
• Maintaining clean working environments and making sure that employees follow the
restaurant’s preventive maintenance measures
• Adopt and implement a system for “inventories management”.
• Maintaining adequate inventory levels and conducting weekly inventories
• Working with kitchen staff to create menu items, pricing, and establishing portion sizes of
each meal
• Planning and supervising tasks carried out by the food preparation staff
• Scheduling shifts by business hours, days, and occasions
• Managing all catering and events appointments
• Interviewing, hiring, and training cooks and other kitchen staff
• Overseeing the training of employees to ensure the safe operation of kitchen equipment
and utensils and the proper handling of heavy items and hazardous material
• Researching new wholesale food suppliers and negotiating prices
• Calculating future needs in kitchenware and equipment and placing orders as needed
• Managing and storing vendors’ contracts and invoices
• Overseeing restaurant staff performance, ensuring quality dining
• Calculate future needs in kitchenware and equipment and place orders as needed
• Manage and store vendors’ contracts and invoices
• Process payroll for all restaurant staff
• Keep detailed records of daily, weekly, and monthly costs and revenues
• Arrange for new employees’ proper onboarding (scheduling training and ordering
• Monitor compliance with safety and hygiene regulations
• Gather guests’ feedback and recommend improvements to our menus

Requirements and skills
• Work experience as a Restaurant Assistant Manager or similar role in the restaurant
• Good interpersonal skills
• Good customer service attitude
• Good communication and team management abilities
• Availability to work within opening hours (e.g. evenings, holidays, weekends)
• High school diploma; additional certification is a plus

Working Conditions. This is a part-time position
• Time spent in this position will be discussed with the IAR Kitchen manager
• Work hours may shift depending on the need of the kitchen. This position will
periodically require work outside of the normal workday and occasionally on
a weekend day.
• Competitive benefits including paid vacation and sick time, 401K match, and health
Salary: negotiated

To apply, please email your resume to: [email protected] with “Kitchen manager” in the
subject line

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