Mask Mandate

Per Raleigh City Ordinance, starting Friday 8/13 at 5PM: all congregants are required to wear masks at IAR facilities at all times. Prayer mats are not required.


  • Programs at IAR will continue with Masks.
  • Masks are not required for organized sports in the gym however vaccinations and a signed liability waiver are required. These programs need to be committee sponsored.
  • All other gym activities will require masks.

Kitchen/Al Maidah:

  • Facility usage at Maidah’s cafe will require social distancing while eating. We recommend you use the outside seating area or take your purchases to go.

Reservations and Vending/Marketplace:

  • Reservations at IAR will continue. Please use the MPH form to book your reservation for the multipurpose hall/gym. Recurring programs need to be committee sponsored and approved by the Admin team. Vending at IAR is currently unavailable. Please check our website and newsletter regularly for updates.


  • Our team at IAR are dedicated to providing you a safe and enjoyable experience at the center. Please comply with the guidelines and reach out to for any questions or concerns. If you haven’t already, we strongly urge you to get vaccinated in order to protect yourself and those around you.