Duke MSA Event

The Duke University Muslim Students Association is proud to announce their first ever Summit on March 2 - 3 at Duke University. Details

Seeking IT Volunteers

The IAR is looking for volunteers with the experience in IT and specially on the web site design, and using the SharePoint as a main platform for centralizing our documentations, emails, calendars etc. Please submit your email to ceo@islam1.org

IAR Interior Paint

The IAR Management team is requesting interested parties to please submit their bid/estimate for interior paint work. Details

Islamic Perspective on Black History Month

The Friday Night Program for Friday February 23 2018 is titled "Islamic Perspective on the Black History Month" by Br Sultan Abdulmuizz.

IAR-Exclusive Deluxe Hajj Program 2018/1439

Join the IAR Hajj Family! Premium deluxe program exclusively for IAR. Feature Includes: Stress-free Direct Flights, Haram Boundary Hotels, Room Access During Hajj, Upgraded Mena Camp Across Jamarat and much more! Starts at an unbeatable $ 9,940. Register at iarhajj.org.

IAR Annual Open House 2018

The Islamic Association of Raleigh is hosting it's annual Open House event Saturday, March 3rd from 11am to 3pm, featuring keynote address by Imam AbuTaleb. Our special guest is Sean Maroney (evening anchor on WNCN). Come learn about your fellow American Muslims, Islamic Heritage, and sample culinary treats from around the world. We would like to encourage our Muslim congregants to limit their visit to the masjid between 11-3 that day in order to accommodate the arrival of guests. For any questions please contact outreach@islam1.org.

Please register at Eventbrite here: Registration Form

Dawah 101, Program for Youth

In collaboration with the Dawah Committee, the Youth Committee would like to offer Dawah 101 to our youth.
InshaaAllah we will cover how to give Dawah to your friends, teachers and neighbors. Must Attend for all Middle and High school Boys & Girls.
Dawah Club

IAR Membership Renewals

Dear IAR members, Please renew your IAR membership for this year. The membership dues must be paid by March 1st to be eligible for voting in the shura election.
List of members whose membership has been expired is posted on the bulletin board. For shura candidacy, two years paid membership is required by March 1st.

Membership Form

Clubs and Sessions for Our Youth

The Youth Committee at the IAR is offering a wide variety of Clubs & Sessions for our youth. So far we have Adhan & Iqamah Club, Science Club, Technology Club and career club. Generally all clubs and sessions require registration and are 6 weeks long from 6:30pm to 8:00pm with breaks for Salah. Youth will have the opportunity to network with other youth and with our professional community members while gaining a skill. Our goal is to offer more Clubs & Sessions as they become available.

More information & registration

Muslim Acculturation Study

A study is being conducted that aims to explore and understand the Muslim identity in America. Specifically, we hope to learn about first-and-second generation American Muslims and their perceptions of life in the United States. We would appreciate your voluntary participation in this study and your identity will remain anonymous.