IAR 2023 Impact Report

Build your
Legacy Masjid School Community Cemetery

The future of your masjid depends on our community: your donations to revitalize spaces and support people, your time and dedication to build programs, and your ideas to develop places.

A groundbreaking 25.16-acre generational project in the heart of the Research Triangle creating a master-planned hub for the Muslim community: mosque, schools, and a community center. 

The first phase comprising a Musallah and Education Facility will be complete in Q1 of 2024. 

Building I, 11K+ sqft

Opening Q1 '24

A Waqf is a financial charitable institution established by withholding one’s property to eternally spend its revenue on fulfilling certain needs depending on the choice and conditions made by the ‘waqef’ or the person who owns the property.

IAR aims to grow our endowment fund from 1 Million Dollars to 5 Million Dollars, ensuring the continuous operations of your Masjid as the gathering place, school, and house of worship for Muslims across the Triangle for many years to come.

Growing the endowment allows IAR to focus fundraising efforts on improving programs and capital projects. 

Donate to the Backbone Fund

The backbone of IAR - supporting IAR programs, services, and operations as prioritized and allocated by Shura.

ready to build A future with us?

We are delighted to highlight the amazing work of our community in this impact report.