Prophetic Prayers

No matter what we are going through in our lives or what challenge we might be facing, we are blessed with a solution through a prophetic prayer in the Qur'an. Let us explore the Prophetic Prayers Together this Ramadan. Presenting A Ramadan Reminder Series: Short Daily Khatera After 4 Rakah of Taraweeh with Imam AbuTaleb.

The Transformative Impact of Zakah

Khutba delivered on 5/12/2017 by Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb

Righteous Families #2: Treasure Your Home

Deriving practical lessons from the hadith of Aisha RA of the eleven women so we may improve as spouses and children.

A Word of Hope

An inspirational word of hope from Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb encouraging you to remain proudly, unapologetically Muslim - and to use times of uncertainty and despair to paint new dreams and recommit to education and development. (transcript)

Announcing Imam's Initiatives 2016 Q1

A new video announcing the Imam's Initiatives for the beginning of 2016: (1) Behavioral and Mental Health, (2) Expanding IAR's Reach, and (3) Community Connections: African American and African Immigrants.

In Review: Imam's Initiatives 2015

From the grounds of our beautiful new playground, we are pleased to share a video on the accomplishments and progress we've been blessed with in our community for the 2015 Imam's Initiatives: (1) Family Fridays, (2) Transformative Education, and (3) Community Connections: Youth.

The Courage to Come Together: Unity in Building Islamic Institutions

In this sermon, Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb shares tools used by the Companions in understanding Islam to build unity in their homes and community.

#NotInMyName: on Extremism and Islamophobia

A recording of Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb's Friday khutba (sermon) has been posted to YouTube. This sermon addresses the unusual marriage of two groups interested in marginalizing Muslims and demonizing Islam - extremist groups and Islamophobes - and how Muslims must take back the narrative of Islam for themselves.

Imam's Initiatives for 2015

First video from your new Imam! A warm welcome to all of you plus Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb outlines the Imam's Initiatives for 2015 - (1) Family Fridays, (2) Transformative Education, and (3) Community Connections.

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