Facilities Reservation

Before making a request for reservation, please check if the room is available for your activity. Also please review the IAR Facilities Reservation Policy. When you submit a request for reservation, you are agreeing to abide by the IAR Facilities Reservation Policy.

Please note, we are in the process of updating how the rooms are reserved by various Committee chairs for conducting the affairs of the masjid.

During this process, the old masjid calendars are still available on this page until we migrate completely to the new calendars.

New Room Calendars

Masjid First Floor Rooms

Multipurpose Hall MPH Gym

Main Prayer Hall

Room #130B Behind main prayer hall

Masjid Second Floor Rooms

Room 220 Children's Playroom

Room 230A Glass Room

Room 230B Glass Room

Room 240 Conference Room

Room 250 An Noor Meeting Room

Room 280 EC Meeting Room

Women's Prayer Hall

Masjid Third Floor Rooms

Arabic Islamic Studies

Language Arts Classroom

Math Classroom

Social Studies Classroom

Red Brick Building Rooms

Arabic Islamic Studies Room

Grade 1 Room

Grade 2 Room


Old Room Calendars

Each room has its own reservation calendar. You can reserve a room by submitting the Reservation Form.

After you request a room and receive an email notification, please visit this page again to verify that your room has been reserved for the correct date and time. If you have any questions please send email to reserve@islam1.org

Rooms on the first floor of the masjid

Rooms on the second floor of the masjid

Rooms on the third floor of the masjid

Rooms in the red brick building