IAR Qur'anic Month with Sheikh Dr. Nasir Rezk

IAR is pleased to offer a unique and exceptional opportunity to our congregation to seek Ijaza certification from a recognized and qualified visiting scholar, Sh. Dr. Nasir Rezk from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. An ijaza certificate indicates that the student has been certified by a recognized authority and receives a chain of transmission back to the Prophet (saw), who learned the Quran from Angel Jibreel, who received it from Allah (swt). The program entails recitation of the entire Holy Quran with proper tajweed (rules of recitation) and the student receives one-on-one coaching in proper recitation and tajweed.
Qualified students who can recite approximately one juz' of the Holy Quran per day (30-60 minutes) and commit to regular attendance may register for Ijaza Certification below. Those who can read the Quran fluently but not yet recite a juz' daily can enroll in the Ijaza Preparation. Other students will find other programs for practicing recitation and learning tajweed at our website.

Registration Link

Please note that all ijaza participants are subject to pre-screening by IAR staff and by the course instructor. IAR reserves the right to modify or adjust program schedules based on participation. Priority will be given to students who have previously committed to an IAR education program, then IAR congregation, to any interested and qualified Triangle-area resident.