Ramadan Info

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  • When does Ramadan start? Maghreb on Thursday, April 23rd

Ramadan Mubarak!

As we wish you Ramadan Mubarak, we are committed to being with you every step of the way - Keeping You Connected. The first day of fasting will be Friday, April 24, 2020. Download our printable Ramadan timetable/imsakiyya to track iftar and suhur times daily and see our taraweeh program, integrate our Google Calendar and download our IAR App on Android and iPhone to get automated notifications at prayers. For those unable to fast due to chronic conditions, you may offer the Fidya of $7 per day of missed fast, used exclusively to feed those in need. Under the leadership of Imam Muamar Dahnoun, a number of religious rulings related to the current circumstances are posted in English and Arabic for your benefit. After reviewing our online answers, if you have additional questions please visit our Imam’s Corner, click “Religious Inquiries” and we will be happy to assist.

Virtual Programming Calendar

Fajr Maqaraat

Daily @ 5:30 AM

Sheikh Badawy leads a Quran recitation circle via Zoom.

Jumuah Reminder

Friday @ 1:30 PM

Short Islamic reminder delivered from the Minbar of IAR on Fridays. Does NOT represent a virtual khutbah. Watch via YouTube. Watch previous khutbahs

Fiqh of Worship

Monday to Thursday @ 2:00 PM

Imam Muamar teaches a class on the jurisprudence and rites of salah. Find out more

Secrets of a Surah

Daily @ 5:00 PM

Imam AbuTaleb discusses surah highlights and few gems from the upcoming taraweeh Juz. Watch via YouTube.  

Duaa and Dhikr

Daily, 15 minutes before Maghreb Adthan

Sheikh Badawy leads a short duaa and adkhar to remember the majesty of Allah SWT. Via Facebook.


Daily @ 9:30 PM

Listen live to our reciters and Shayukh as they recite from the Holy Quran. Verses to the left or below. Tune in on YouTube.

Khatira/Short Sermon

Daily @ 10:30 PM

Imam AbuTaleb discusses stories of hardship and gems of isolation. Tune in on YouTube.

Virtual Taraweeh Schedule

Streamed via YouTube.

Starting at 9:30

Thursday, April 23rd: Al Fatiha 1 – Al Baqarah 141
Friday, April 24th: Al Baqarah 142 – Al Baqarah 252
Saturday, April 25th: Al Baqarah 253 – Al Imran 92
Sunday, April 26th: Al Imran 93 – An Nisaa 23
Monday, April 27th: An Nisaa 24 – An Nisaa 147
Tuesday, April 28th: An Nisaa 148 – Al Ma’idah 81
Wednesday, April 29th: Al Ma’idah 82 – Al An’am 110
Thursday, April 30th: Al An’am 111 – Al A’raf 87
Friday, May 1st: Al A’raf 88 – Al Anfal 40
Saturday, May 2nd: Al Anfal 41 – At Tauba 92
Sunday, May 3rd: At Tauba 93 – Hud 5
Monday, May 4th: Hud 6 – Yusuf 52
Tuesday, May 5th: Yusuf 53 – Ibrahim 52
Wednesday, May 6th: Al Hijr 1 – An Nahl 128
Thursday, May 7th: Al Isra 1 Al Kahf 75
Friday, May 8th: Al Kahf 75 – Ta Ha 135
Starting at 9:45

Saturday, May 9th: Al Anbiyaa 1 – Al Hajj 78
Sunday, May 10th: Al Muminum 1 – Al Furqan 20
Monday, May 11th: Al Furqan 21 – An Naml 55
Tuesday, May 12th: An Naml 56 – Al Ankabut 45
Wednesday, May 13th: Al Ankabut 46 – Al Azhab 30
Thursday, May 14th: Al Azhab 31 – Ya Sin 27
Friday, May 15th: Ya Sin 28 – Az Zumar 31
Saturday, May 16th: Az Zumar 32 – Fussilat 46
Sunday, May 17th: Fussilat 47 – Al Jathiya 37
Monday, May 18th: Al Ahqaf 1 – Az Zariyat 30
Tuesday, May 19th: Az Zariyat 31 – Al Hadid 29
Wednesday, May 20th: Al Mujadila 1 – At Tahrim 12
Thursday, May 21st: An Nabaa 1 – An Nas 6
Friday, May 21st: An Nabaa 1 – An Nas 6 Khatm Al-Qur'an

Keeping You Connected

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From our families to yours, we pray for a blessed Ramadan full of accepted fasting, prayers, charity, and sacrifice, and that Allah empower us to receive this Ramadan with full eman and sincerity.

— Your brother, Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb

on behalf of your IAR Leadership