The Administration shall consist of: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Treasurer, Secretary/Administrative Assistant, and any other officers appointed by the Shura.

The Administration team will:
  1. Conduct the affairs of the IAR within the policies and guidelines of the Shura.
  2. Implement decisions of the Shura.
  3. Appoint, coordinate and supervise activities of different committees.
  4. Allocate budgeted funds for various committees, activities and project(s) approved by the Shura.
  5. Act as liaison between LLCs and the Shura.
  6. Resolve conflict(s) related to member(s) and membership before referring it to Shura (see Article V, Sec 3).

The Administration Team

Position Name Phone Email
CEO Samy Abdelbaky 919-624-7293
Treasurer Khalid Awan 919-469-2189
Secretary Kawtar Fadel 919-834-9572 ext 3


IAR Committee Chairpersons

Position Name Phone Email
Al-Furqan School Shahmeem Rajak 919-600-0569
Al-Iman School Firdos Pathan 609-571-0650
An-Noor School Mateen Akhtar 919-605-1771 mateen.akhtar@
Cemetery Tahir Abualhawa 919-649-7126
Fiaz Fareed 919-946-8745
Education Yousef Badar 919-633-3950
Finance Mariya Shaikh 919-606-4062
Facility Maintenance
Munir Abdullah
Planning & Construction Imran Aukhil
Security & Safety Rashid Salahat 919-357-3811
Older Adult Committee Raqiia Abdul-Malik 919-455-6634
Social & Welfare Mohamed Elgamal
Sports & Recreation April Ackles 919-441-4665
Media Samy Abdelbaky 919-624-7293
Women Alice Hines 919-834-9572 ext 1342
Youth Ahmed B. 919-834-9572 ext 1334
Events Mohammed
Fundraising Osama Saaid 919-834-9572 ext 1344
Membership Aman Mohammed
Technology Amjed Albataineh
IT / Web Site Ameir Al-Zoubi