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Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb 919-834-9572 ext 1357
Assistant Imam Muamar Dahnoun 919-834-9572 ext 4

General question about the IAR
Administrator, Kawtar Fadel 919-834-9572 ext 3
Chairperson, Hassan Imam 919-469-4626

In case of death in the community and for funeral arrangements
Taher AbuAlhawa 919-649-7126 or

For Social and Financial Help
Munir Abdullah 919-834-9572 ext 1338

For Jummah Khutbas Reservations
Education Committee 919-834-9572 x 1341

Media Inquiries
Please submit all media inquiries to or 919-834-9572 x 1340

Executive Committees
To get in contact with a specific committee please see the Executive Committee Contact list.

To learn more about the religion of Islam
If you are interested in learning more about Islam, please contact To schedule a visit to the Islamic Center or to request a presentation about Islam, please consult the presentations and visits page for more details.

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