Open Volunteer Position: Wellness Committee Chair

We are seeking a volunteer who is willing to serve as the chair of the newly forming Wellness Committee (subject to Shura approval). The Wellness Committee was recently ratified by the IAR Shura as the outcome of an effort spanning more than five years as an initiative, pilot program, and volunteer team. The responsibilities include leading the committee, recruiting volunteers, supporting internal and external development activities, and preparing budget and reviewing financial items. The Committee Chair will also interface closely with other IAR teams including the Education Committee and the Imam's Office.

Previous experience with Wellness Team effort and background relevant to this area is preferred. This is a huge opportunity to serve Allah (SWT) by serving your own community, and develop relationships with the strong and dedicated team of staff/volunteers and the leadership of your own masjid.

Please send your resume and related info to with code [Wellness-Chair] in the subject line.