2017 Quran Contest

Sponsored by An-Noor Qur'an Academy

The Qur'an contest goal is to encourage all Muslims to learn and memorize Qur'an using proper rules of Tajweed and to make the speech of Allah SWT near and dear to their heart.

We have twelve beginner levels (B1 through B12), four intermediate levels (I1 through I4), five advanced levels (A1 through A5), five very advanced levels (VA1 through VA5) and one Huffadh level (HA1). The purpose is to recognize and encourage participation at various levels of memorization and familiarity with Tajweed.

Each level will have first, second and third place awards. The awards range from $300 to $25 depending upon the level.

Registration Form

Quran Contest Schedule

Application Deadline July 1st, 2017
Late Registration July 9th, 2017 with a late registration fee of $25
Contest Dates Saturday July 22nd and July 29th
Beginner and Intermediate levels testing on Sat, July 22nd
Advance and Huffadh Levels testing on Sat, July 29th
Qur'an Contest Award Ceremony Friday, August 18th, 2017 at 6:30 PM


Level Age Surahs Bonus Surah 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Beginners Level - 1
B1 6 and under Az Zalzalah [99] Ad Duhaa [93] $50 $40 $25
B2 8 and under Al Ala [87] Ash Shams [91] $50 $40 $25
B3 10 and under Al Muzzamil [73] An Naba [78] $50 $40 $25
B4 12 and under Al Mulk [67] Al Qiyamah [75] $50 $40 $25
B5 13 and under Al-Muhammad [47] As Saf [61] $50 $40 $25
B6 All Ages Saad [38] Al Hujurat [49] $75 $65 $40
Beginners Level - 2
B7 6 and under Al Aala [87] to An Naas [114] At Tariq [86] $75 $65 $40
B8 8 and under An Naba [82] to An Naas [114] At Takwir [81] $75 $65 $40
B9 10 and under Al Qalam [68] to An Naas [114] Al Mulk [67] $75 $65 $40
B10 12 and under At Talaq [65] to An Naas [114] At Taghabun [64] $75 $65 $40
B11 13 and under Al Jathiyah [45] to An Naas [114] Ad Dukhan [44] $75 $65 $40
B12 14 and under Fussilat [41] to An Naas [114] Ghafir [40] $85 $75 $50
Intermediate Level
I1 8 and under Al Muzzammil [73] At Takwir [81] $85 $75 $50
I2 10 and under Al Mujadila [58] Nuh [71] $85 $75 $50
I3 13 and under Ash Shuraa [42] At Tur [52] $85 $75 $50
I4 All Ages An Nahl [16] Al Isra [17] $100 $85 $65
Advanced Level
An-Noor Qur'an Academy Student
VA1 9 and under Al Jathiyah [45] to An Naas [114]
(5 Juzz)
Ad Dukhan [44] $100 $85 $65
VA2 10 and under Fatir [35] to An Naas [114]
(8 Juzz)
Saba [34] $125 $100 $85
VA3 11 and under Al Ankabut [29] to An Naas [114]
(10 Juzz)
Al Qasas [28] $150 $125 $100
VA4 14 and under Al Kahf [18] to An Naas [114]
(15 Juzz)
Al Isra [17] $175 $150 $125
VA5 All Ages Tawbah [9] to An Naas [114]
(20 Juzz)
Al Anfal [8] $200 $175 $150
Huffadh Level
HA1 All Ages Complete Qur'an $300 $250 $200

Ramadan Qur'an Contest Rules

  1. A contestant can register in only one level
  2. Candidates who did not register before the deadline will not qualify to win the contest regardless of their performance
  3. Registration form can be filled online only. The registration deadline is July 1st, 2017.
  4. The registration fee is $15.00 (nonrefundable) per contestant. The registration fee should be paid on the day of contest to cover cost of organizing the contest. The fees are not used for the financial awards given to the first, second and third place winners.
  5. An-Noor Qur'an Academy students can only apply in the very advanced levels (VA) based on their teacher's recommendation, please make a note that this rule doesn't apply to the ones who just joined An-Noor Qur'an Academy
  6. If a contestant requires rescheduling of their test date due to personal hardship, there will be 20% deduction from their final score.
  7. Age is calculated as of August 15th 2017.
  8. Boys and girls will not be judged separately, there will be at least one female judge in all categories.
  9. Incorrect information on date of birth may disqualify the contestant.
  10. Younger contestants can compete in higher level according to their abilities.
  11. During testing, contestant may be asked to recite any part(s) of the Surahs that they have memorized including the bonus Surah.
  12. Grade of the bonus Surah would only be considered to break a tie.
  13. Performance is based on Memorization, Tarteel (rules of Tajweed) and Pronunciation.
  14. Following Grading criteria will be followed:
    First Place 85% - 100%
    Second Place 70% - 84%
    Third Place 60% - 69%
  15. Top scorers will get the first, second and third places i.e. all three contestants can achieve scores in the range of 85% - 100%
  16. A Hifdh student is one who is attending a full time or weekend hifhd school or doing hifdh through private tutoring or home schooling then he/she must register in the very advance category. Additionally, if he/she has memorized more than 5 Ajza then he/she must enroll in the very advance category.

Anyone who has memorized the entire Quran then he/she must enroll in the Huffadh category.

Every registered participant should have received the Quran Contest Schedule based on their selected category. Please send email to quran-contest@islam1.org if you have any questions or have not yet received any email about the Quran Contest.


For more information or questions, please contact quran-contest@islam1.org