Page Road Site Plans

IAR is seeking "site work" subcontractors for site development at 3104 Page Road, Durham.

Initially the work will include grading and related site work, building pad, foundation for a 5,160 SF building (to be upgraded to 11,000 SF later internally). A space for the trailer (close to the building) will need to be provided for the building contractor.

This work needs to start as soon as we get permit from city of Durham, hopefully in next 1-2 months. The rest of the site work including landscaping, parking, procuring all site utilities (5'-0" outside the building), power, water and sewer to the building as well as the single fire hydrant that the City has asked us to bring next to the building will be done later.

We will wait to do the final topping for parking after all work is completed.

Please note that the sewer connection is through a lift station to the development at back of our property. Page road currently does not have sewer access.

Plan are being reviewed by city and are subject to some changes but can be viewed using the link below.

For further questions please contact Hashim Naqui at 984 289 6110, or by email or Dr AG Chaudhry via email

TMC Page Road 10K Site Plan April 20 2018