IAR Shura Elections

Insha Allah, the IAR Shura Elections will be held on Sunday November the 19th. The voting members list (preliminary) and the shura-eligible members list (preliminary) are posted on the bulletin boards of the first and second floor. If you have any questions about these lists, please send an email to membership@islam1.org with your full name and address. The updated final lists will be posted by Oct. 1st.

ELIGIBILITY TO VOTE IN SHURA ELECTIONS Members (see Article V, Sec. 1) are eligible to vote in a Shura election if by March 1 of election year they are current in payment of their membership dues.

QUALIFICATIONS FOR SHURA MEMBERS Any Muslim aged 20 years or more, who is a current member and who by March 1 of the year prior to the election year was a member of IAR and had been an active IAR volunteer for at least three years, is eligible to become a member of the Shura. Members of the Board of Directors, current employees and contractors of IAR or its entities, are not eligible for Shura membership.