Seerah Night

We're very excited to announce that Ustadh Ekram Haque, author of the new book "Muhammad: Son of Abraham, Brother of Moses, Successor of Jesus", will be conducting a new program called Seerah Night on Friday, Nov. 4, after Isha at the Islamic Center of Raleigh.

The purpose of the program is to reconnect with the revolutionary message of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and reignite our love for him.

Ustadh Ekram Haque will be signing his new book on the Seerah after the program.

You can register for the event and pre-order a copy of the book NOW to ensure that you get one as we have a limited quantity available. Your pre-ordered book will also be signed ahead of time by Ustadh Ekram Haque so you won't have to wait in line; just come and it'll be waiting for you to pick up.

Click on the link below to register for Seerah Night and pre-order your copy of the new Seerah book now.

What is Seerah Night?
Seerah Night is an opportunity to focus on the timeless guidance and inspiration in the noble life story of the Prophet (PBUH). During the program, Ustadh Ekram Haque will discuss a very special incident in the Seerah of the Prophet (PBUH), and what lessons we might draw from it.

This program is for men and women, young and old. So please bring your families, friends and also non-Muslim colleagues and coworkers because this will benefit everyone.