Ramadan 2016

All praise is to Allah and may His peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad.

Respected brothers and sisters of greater Raleigh, it is my honor on behalf of the Islamic Association of Raleigh to congratulate you on the anticipated arrival of a beloved guest, the month of Ramadan. I would like to encourage every brother, sister, and family to prepare a great intention and to maximize his or her efforts leading up to and during this month, that Allah may accepts us among the successful and righteous believers.

Our center is blessed with a great team of volunteers and staff working to bring our community an outstanding spiritual, educational, and social program for the entire family. Please visit the center to pick up a copy of this year's prayer calendar and list of services or visit raleighmasjid.org/ramadan.

Under the supervision of the Imam, the IAR will be abiding by the criteria of the American Muslim Jurists Association (AMJA) council and the Carolina Islamic Council (CIC) in following global moonsighting for the start of the month. It is anticipated that there is a significant likelihood of Monday, June 6 being the start of the month and Sunday, June 5 the first night of taraweeh. The final notification will come the night prior to fasting: please sign up for our lists to be notified by text message/SMS, email via the IAR's general listserv, Facebook, Twitter, or our website.

While we adopt a strong reference and scholarly position for determining these dates, we advise ourselves and others that tolerating Fiqh differences is among the most important of Islamic ethics. Upholding the unity of Muslims takes precedence above any valid difference of Fiqh opinions. We must recognize the legitimacy of differences on this issue and extend the utmost respect to other imams, communities, and councils that may adopt a different opinion.

May Allah bless our beloved community and allow us to receive this Ramadan with full eman and sincerity.

Your brother,
Mohamed AbuTaleb
Imam, Islamic Association of Raleigh