Friday Night Program

Family Friday Programming will be in effect as usual for this Friday February 19th, 2016. The Friday Educational Program will be an update from "The Light House Project" for the community.

The Light House Project (LHP) is a pending 501C3 status non-profit organization started by Farris Barakat, brother of the late Deah Barakat, which is focused on reclaiming the Muslim narrative through service, interfaith, advocacy, and awareness. The physical building, "The Light House", was a home owned by Deah Barakat that was inherited by his parents upon his murder. One of Deah's wishes was to support local youth in their own projects. The house currently hosts multiple incubator programs, including The Light House Project, which specifically focuses on reclaiming Muslim narratives, education, youth programming, and local community service.

The Light House Project is launching a campaign in February called #FowardWithFaith, LHP is also facilitating and helping other organizations that are hosting the events within #ForwardWithFaith.

Please visit for more info.