January Imam Selection Committee Update

As we continue our search for a full time Imam the committee in conjunction with the IAR Shura has decided to put in place an Acting Imam to fulfill the ongoing needs of the community. Please see the special announcement for details. We have identified a potential candidate who has been selected by the team and we are moving him along the process. However, we will continue to receive and process resumes until the role is filled. To date we have received 49 applications, of these 35 did not meet our criteria. Of the remaining group of 14 we conducted 10 Skype interviews.

Base Selection Criteria:
  • Thorough understanding of issues that Muslims are facing in the United States
  • Formally educated in Fiqh or recognized as a Fiqh scholar by the Fiqh Committee of ISNA
  • Authorized to work in the US (except in exceptional cases)
  • Demonstrated leadership ability