Community Update on Imam Hiring

This is the first of a monthly update on Imam Hiring by the Imam Selection Committee.

We are actively recruiting, screening and interviewing candidates for the position of IAR Senior Imam. To date we received 38 applications, of these 26 did not meet the criteria outlined below. Of the remaining group of 12 we conducted 7 skype interviews.

Overall, there have been no exceptional candidates who are interested and fit the requirements of the community so far. If you know anyone who meets our qualifications and is interested in an Imam Position at the IAR please ask them to submit an application via email at

Base Selection Criteria:
- Thorough understanding of issues that Muslims are facing in the United States
- Formally educated in Fiqh or recognized as a Fiqh scholar by the Fiqh Committee of ISNA
- Authorized to work in the US (except in exceptional cases)
- Experience as an Imam including counseling and teaching at a masjid
- Demonstrated leadership ability