Money Collection for Kashmir Flood Relief on Friday October 31, 2014

The Social & Welfare Committee is conducting money collection to help the suffering people of Kashmir. The money collected will be sent through Islamic Relief, USA.

In September 2014, heavy rains caused floods and landslides that have caused mass destruction throughout Pakistan, India, Pakistan-administered Kashmir, and Jammu-Kashmir, and surrounding areas; it is considered the heaviest rainfall to hit the region in some 50 years. As result, 2.2 million people across the region have been affected, hundreds have been killed, and tens of thousands are now homeless; Kashmir's infrastructure and main communication networks have been destroyed and major roadways have been flooded. Hospitals are submerged limiting access to medical care, and water supply has been contaminated making drinkable water scarce. This has also resulted in considerable loss to agriculture, horticulture, and livestock which has hugely affected the livelihood and food security.

Please donate generously to bring relief to the people of Kashmir and help them rebuild what is lost. You may donate during the special fundraising on Friday October 31 or use envelopes marked as "Kashmir Donation - Fund 22" provided in IAR lobby and deposit in IAR Donation Box.