Imam Selection Update

The IAR Shura has decided to have only one Imam for the IAR. At this stage The Imam Selection Ad Hoc Committee (The Committee) is still soliciting applications for the Imam Position and has posted advertisements through several outlets. The Committee has drafted the following minimum requirements for the Imam position based on the IAR Constitution and Community Priorities:

  • Thorough understanding of issues that Muslims are facing in the United States
  • Formally educated in Fiqh or recognized as a Fiqh scholar by the Fiqh Committee of ISNA
  • Authorized to work in the US (except in exceptional cases)
  • Experience as an Imam including counseling and teaching at a masjid
  • Demonstrated leadership ability

Applicants who do not meet the criteria above will not make it past the initial screening. The Committee will conduct Skype screenings of candidates who pass the initial screening and create a short list of candidates. Candidates who make the short list will get reference checks and be invited to meet with the Team/Board/Shura/EC and community at large. They will be visiting as official candidates and introduced to the community as such.