Islamic Center of Morrisville - Change in Status

The IAR started the Islamic Center of Morrisville (ICM) in March 2009 as an IAR standing committee. Since then, the ICM has grown significantly and now seeks a permanent home in the Morrisville area. ICM management team, decided to transition the ICM's operations to a separate non-profit organization set up for this purpose by members of the Morrisville community a year ago. Its non-profit status with IRS is pending. IAR was made aware of it recently by the ICM. To support this growth in the most effective manner possible, the IAR Shura, in collaboration with the ICM management team, has decided to transition the ICM's operations to a separate set up.

All future fundraising conducted by the ICM will be directed to the account of this separate organization.

This change was approved by the IAR Shura as effective on July 20, 2014.

Also, in order to facilitate a seamless transition of management responsibilities, the IAR Shura has appointed a transition oversight team consisting of Br. Munir Abdullah (IAR Shura Member and team lead), Br. Abrar Sattar (IAR Treasurer), Sr. Tanzeel Chohan (IAR Shura Member), and Br. Mohammad Ali (IAR Shura Member). Legal support will be provided by the IAR Legal Advisory Team, led by Br. Omar Baloch.

The IAR sincerely wishes the ICM continued success and looks forward to this next step in its maturation as a standalone center supporting the Muslim community in the Morrisville area. Please direct any questions in this context to Br. Munir Abdullah.