Imam Selection Process

The IAR is currently hiring for a new Imam as Imam Baianone has resigned for health reasons. Regular updates on the Imam selection process will be shared with the community and the selection team expect feedback from the community during the process. The following is the selection process and its current status.

I. Form Imam Selection Team - Completed. The core selection team is comprised of four members (Sr. Tanzeel Chohan, Dr. Shaheda Maroof, Br. Ibraheem Khalifa, Br. Muamar Dahnoun) and is advised by community leaders.

II. Survey Community for Input - In progress. The community will be surveyed to understand their priorities for an Imam. These priorities will inform the job description and selection criteria.

III. Advertisement and Search for Imam - Create a job description that reflects the priorities of the community based on the community survey and advertise it broadly broadly.

IV. Interview Candidates & Get Community Feedback - The selection team will screen and interview candidates. Selected candidates will deliver Friday Khutba and interact with the community at a Friday Night Program. The community will be asked to provide feedback on these visiting Imams to inform the hiring decision.

V. Hire New Imam - The Imam will be selected on the basis of community feedback, references and approval of the Imam Selection Team & Shura.