Youth Taraweeh Workshop Registration

An-Noor Quran Academy is pleased to offer a work shop for our youth to help them lead this year's Taraweeh prayer. Applicants should send an email to Chafik Bakkari ( in order to register for the program. The deadline to register is Sunday, June 8th.

There will be a parent workshop on Sunday, June 8th after Asr prayer at IAR on the second floor musallah to go over the selection criteria and expectations from the applicants. Prospective candidate are also expected to attend this work shop.

  • Must have memorized 15 Juz'a or more.
  • Must have decent Tajweed skills.
  • Pronunciation must be clear
  • Should attend training sessions (missing 2 sessions will result in disqualification).
  • Must show enough maturity and courage to lead the prayer.
  • Should possess the knowledge and understanding of basic fiqh of tahara (wudu) and salah.
  • Be able to recite at least 1 page in each rakah without mistakes (must demonstrate this in training)
  • Should be able to make correction in the salah if he skips any of the arkaan (must demonstrate this in training)