Nominations for Advisory Team in Search of New Imam

Imam Baianonie has submitted his formal resignation letter to the IAR Shura due to health reasons, to express his desire to retire from his services as full-time Imam of IAR, effective from Dec 31st, 2014. While the Shura understands this is painful news for all of us, the Imam has assured us, however, that he is not leaving the Raleigh area and will continue to help the community to the best of his ability. He is sharing this announcement in advance, in order to give us ample time to search and select the new Imam. Due to the large size and growing demands of our community, we will continue to have two Imams, Insha Allah. Imam Sameh will continue to serve as one of the two Imams.

The IAR Shura is committed to finding an Imam based on the needs of our community. There will be a focus team to undertake the task of conducting community surveys, to search and help in our selection of the right candidate(s) for the position of Imam.

IAR Shura is seeking input from the community in nominating the most suitable persons who can be part of this Advisory team. Shura members will review and consider those nominations that are suitable. Two candidates selected by the Community will be part of this team, based on majority voting. The Team will also consist of other representatives including two from Shura, from the youth, and others.

Kindly go to the link below to nominate suitable candidates for this Advisory Team, that will help with the search and selection of the new Imam by following a structured process.

Nomination Form