Fundraising For Syria Relief

With more than one and half million refugees in neighboring countries, and more than four million Syrians internally displaced, the Syrian refugee situation is a huge disaster that needs the action of governments and big organizations as well as individuals to help in this humanitarian crisis.

The Social & Welfare Committee is sponsoring a fund raising event for the victims of Syria on Sunday, August 4th (the 26th of Ramadaan) at IAR Multipurpose Hall (MPH/Gym) from 6 PM till Maghrib, followed by Iftar. This event is held in the best last ten days of Ramadan when Allah (SWT) multiply the reward. Please make the intention to join and to donate your Sadaqah and Zakaat-ul-Maal to help the millions of Muslims who are displaced and are in dire need due to this conflict. All collected donations will be sent through Islamic Relief of USA for Syrian refugees.