Chairperson of IAR School Board

We are seeking applications for a Volunteer position of Chairperson of School Board at IAR.

The IAR Shura has approved the formation of a "School Board" that will provide a coherent long-term vision for Islamic Education at IAR and will focus on strategic planning for future growth for both Al-Iman and An-Noor Schools. The Advisory Team to the Shura is seeking applications from volunteers for "Chairperson of the School Board", and will present a short-list of the candidates to the Shura for final selection/approval and appointment to a 6-year term.

This position requires visionary leadership with consensus building strengths, strong interest in Islamic Education and the drive to take full-time schools at IAR to the next level.


Recommend applicant have a college degree (preferred) with experience working in the field of education or management and strategic planning.

Recommend applicant should not be member of the IAR Shura, Executive Committee or IAR Board or an IAR staff member.

Individuals must be physically residing in the greater Triangle area, should be at least 30 years of age and also a United States citizen or permanent resident.

Anyone employed by either of the two full-time schools (Al-Iman/An-Noor) and/or part of the Schools Administrations or School Committees is not eligible.

Applications: If you are interested and feel you have the right qualifications for this position,please send your resume along with a brief summary stating your interest and reasons you qualify for this position/role to Br Munir Abdullah.

Nominations from Community Members: If you know of someone who would be a good fit for this position and meets the above qualifications/eligibility, please feel free to nominate this person by sending his/her name and contact information to Munir Abdullah at the above email address.

Application/Nomination Deadline: May 31 2013.