An-Noor Open House

The Qur'an is a beauty of expression, the ultimate wisdom and manifestation of Allah's guidance to mankind.

An-Noor Qur'an Academy is a unique institution with a perfect blend of Qur'anic and academic knowledge. Our mission is to produce Huffadh with a strong character and spirituality, who will be contributing citizens and community leaders.

Please join us for our Open House and Juzz Completion ceremony on Saturday February 16 at the Islamic Center of Raleigh.

12.00-1.30 Open House Program (Second floor)
1.30 -1.50 Perform Dhuhr Prayers
1.50 -2.30 Lunch (Multipurpose Hall / Gym)
2.30-3.30 Juzz Completion (First floor)

Open House Flyer

For additional information, please contact Sr Gulsangay Rashidi, Director of An-Noor School at 919-834-9537 or