Islamic Aqeedah 101

NCSU MSA is sponsoring a six week Islamic mini course on the topic of Islamic Creed or 'Aqeedah led by Imam Baianonie.

The objective of this course is to provide an introduction to classical Islamic teachings and to increase knowledge and awareness of Islamic thinking and intellectualism.

Course Details

Course Title: Islamic Creed ('Aqeedah) 101
Course Instructor: Imam Baianonie, Damascus University Alumni and a student of many internationally renowned scholars
Start Date: Monday January 28, 2013 after Maghrib prayers
Location: IAR 2nd floor

Course Textbook

Title: Al-Iman - Its Pillars, True Meaning & Nullification
By: Dr Muhammad Nai'm Yasin
Translated by: Sh Muhammad Gemea'ah, Dr Ahlam Fathy, Dr Amany Abu Fadi

Course Registration

To register for this course, please send email to Br Farris Barakat. NCSU MSA students can also contact Br Farris for assistance with transportation to the masjid.

Register now and say NO to blind-following and ignorance!!!