ICM Fundraising Event

The Islamic Center of Morrisville will celebrate the completion of reading of the holy Qur'an during Taraweeh prayers on August 14 the twenty seventh night of Ramadan. There will be a fundraising event to support the activities of ICM.

Fundraising and Khatam-ul-Quran Schedule

09:30 PM Isha prayer
09:50 PM ICM Presentation
10:00 PM Fundraising
10:35 PM Khatmul Quran
11:05 PM Dua & Sweets

Qiyamul Layl Schedule

3:30 AM Qiyamul Layl
4:30 AM Suhur (Suhur will be provided)
4:58 AM Fajr Adan
5:13 AM Fajr Prayer