Tazkiyah Retreat Tentative Plans

The Youth Committee and Muslim Student Association are planning to organize their Annual Tazkiyah Retreat to be held in November 3-5.

This weekend retreat provides an opportunity to take ourselves away from everyday distractions and focus on the the purpose of our creation.

Allah SWT says in Surat Adh-Dhāriyāt (The Winnowing Winds) - سورة الذاريات 'And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.' [51:56]. Tazkiyah simply means to purify one's soul/nafs. It means purifying our souls from hypocrisy, caprice, heedlessness, and everything else that keeps us from serving Allaah SWT for HIS sake alone.

Due to the expenses and intense planning required for this even, we would like to try this new way of measuring the interest so we can plan and budget ourselves better.

Tentative Plan for the Tazkiyah Retreat

We will be leaving on Friday November 3 after the second shift of Friday prayers and returning back at 9 PM on Sunday November 5.

The retreat will be held at Blue Ridge Mountains YMCA facility with Shyukhs such as Amir Abdel Malik Ali, Abu Yusuf, Mowlid Ali, Imam Sameh Asal, Omar Suleiman, Wissam Sharief, Sr Yasmeen Mogahed, Sr Muslema Permul and others. Please note that the speakers mentioned above are just suggestions, not the actual speakers list.

The cost for the whole weekend will be $70 per person, including food, transportation, and housing [cabins].

Brothers & Sisters will be assigned into separate groups and then assigned to an adult counselor and of course all activities except main lectures will be separate insha'Allaah.

This retreat will be the most intense experience you will ever have insha'Allaah with hiking, qiyams, lectures, workshops, reflections, discussions and so much more.

You have to be atleast 15 years old to attend the retreat.

If you are interested in participating in this retreat, please fill out this Tazkiyah Retreat Preregistration Form in order to help us plan our activities.

Highlights from the previous Tazkiyah Retreat