Imam Sameh's class on Allaah

Allaah: Getting Acquainted with Our Beloved

Take a deep breath...let it out. Put your hand on your heart and feel the BEATING of the HEART. What if, suddenly, we weren't able to BREATHE? What if our hearts STOPPED? Have you ever wondered about The One behind our EXISTENCE? Have you ever wanted to learn more about and get closer to The One that PROVIDES for us, PROTECTS us, HONORS us, and all WITHOUT MEASURE? If so, then we have EXCITING NEWS for YOU! Innshaa'Allaah, Imam Sameh Asal will be starting a WEEKLY class at the IAR on Friday, May 11, 2012 entitled, "Allaah: Getting Acquainted with Our Beloved."

Room: Social Studies Room in the Third Floor.

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