Fundraising for East Africa Crisis

The Social & Welfare Committee is conducting a fundraising on Friday August 5 to help with the famine and drought in East Africa.

As many as 10 million people across East Africa are facing the worst drought in 60 years. Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia are among the countries hardest hit by food and water shortages. Crops, livestock and homes have been completely destroyed. Without water, crops have failed, livestock has died and food prices are too high.

People cannot afford the basic food supplies they need to survive. With malnutrition already over 20% in the region, aid agencies now estimate about $150 million is needed in aid to begin to alleviate the suffering in the region.

Please donate generously and your Zakat-ul-Maal can be used towards donations. All funds collected will be donated through Islamic Relief to help with East Africa Crisis.

May Allah reward you for your good deeds.