Building Successful Families: A Free Weekend Seminar

The Education and Women's Committees of the Islamic Association of Raleigh will be hosting a FREE weekend seminar about building successful families at the Islamic Center of Raleigh on the weekend of April 2-3.

This conference will focus on many topics relevant to Muslim families, including roles and responsibilities of family members, conflict resolution, empowering oneself, raising children with Islamic values, healthy parent-youth relationships and many more.

We will have many expert speakers including:
Abdul Nasir Jangda, Instructor, Bayyinah Institute; Imam, Colleyville Masjid
Asma Hanif, Executive Director, Muslimat Al-Nisaa
Imam Mohammed Baianonie and Imam Sameh Asal, Islamic Association of Raleigh
Imam Oliver Mohammed, As Salaam Islamic Center
Dr. Hasan Baloch, Adolescent Psychiatrist

Details and Free Registration

Building Successful Families Flyer