Executive Committee

The executive committee consists of the Shura Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, as well as the Chairpersons for all standing committees. Its duty is to implement the decisions of the Shura and coordinate the work of different committees.

Member of the Executive Committee for 2015-2017

Position Name Phone Email
Chairperson Mohamed ElGamal 919-834-9572 ext 1349 mohamedelgamal@islam1.org
Vice-Chairperson Hassan Imam 919-469-4626 hassan.s.imam@gmail.com
Secretary Tanzeel Chohan 919-749-9483 tanzeel.chohan@islam1.org
Al-Furqan School Shahmeem Rajak 919-600-0569 shahmeembanu@yahoo.com
Al-Iman School Samy Abdel-Baky 919-233-6622 samy.abdelbaky@gmail.com
An-Noor School Mateen Akhtar 919-605-1771 akhtar.mateen@gmail.com
Cemetery Tahir Abualhawa 919-649-7126 cemetery@islam1.org
Da'wah (Outreach) Fiaz Fareed 919-946-8745 outreach@islam1.org
Education Hassan Baloch 919-278-7131 education@islam1.org
Finance Mariya Shaikh 919-606-4062 finance@islam1.org
Management Chair Amin Asfari 919-834-9572 ext 337 management@islam1.org
Management Vice-Chair Atief Omar 919-539-1714 atief2210@gmail.com
Planning & Construction Abdul Sadat 919-741-0722 hesarak@msn.com
Security & Safety Rashid Salahat 919-357-3811 security@islam1.org
Older Adult Committee Raqiia Abdul-Malik 919-455-6634 seniors@islam1.org
Social & Welfare Munir Abdullah 919-834-9572 ext 1338 swcommittee@islam1.org
Sports & Recreation April Ackles 919-441-4665 sports@islam1.org
Treasurer Abrar Sattar 919-341-7282 treasurer@islam1.org
Volunteer volunteer-committee@islam1.org
Women Alice Hines 919-841-7829 alicehines@bellsouth.net
Youth Ahmed B. 919-834-9572 ext 1334 youth@raleighmasjid.org
IAR Offices
Admin Kawtar Fadel 919-834-9572 ext 3 office@islam1.org
Events events@islam1.org
Fundraising Muamar Dahnoun 919-834-9572 ext 1344 fundraising@islam1.org
Membership membership@islam1.org
General Counsel to IAR Chairperson
Legal Affairs Omar Baloch 919-834-3535 mobaloch@balochlaw.com